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Thursday, August 30, 2012

?Did Liberty Ross "Arrange" For Paparazzi to Follow Rupert and Kristen?

It's Liberty in the PHOTOS folks Here's the proof.

Liberty Ross on Red Carpet for Lawless Premiere
Liberty Ross has not let the grass grow under her stilettos has she?

Liberty Ross Movie Offers Pour In After Rupert Sanders, Kristen Stewart Scandal: Report

Kristen Stewart's affair pays off big time for Liberty Ross (Video) 

New Interview With Kristen Stewart Proves That This Publicity Stunt Is Her Way Of Giving Hollywood The Middle Finger-Jenni Maier

Well the interview from Little White Lies doesn't prove anything but Maier uses it as a jump off platform for her speculations which are interesting, but still just speculation.
The Rashomon Effect OK. 

I must say I am intrigued. 

When the news first broke that she got caught openly cheating on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders by a perfectly-positioned paparazzi, I got suspicious. How could an actress who’s so aware of her popularity and so invested in her privacy get photographed kissing another man at a popular location.

Almost immediately, I thought this entire scandal reeked of a PR stunt and as anyone who’s been to Crushable in the past month knows, I’m a blogger possessed. Yes, I’m obsessed with figuring out every last detail about how planned it, who knew about it and who’s making money off of it. So far everything’s going to the plan I envisioned in my head. - Jenni Maier

This article at Crushable produced hundreds of comments and some of them are very intelligent. These people are good detectives. US Weekly is known for its uneducated, married middle aged and older housewives with prurient tastes.
They are contemptuous of their readers and make no attempt to edit their articles to ensure that pictures are current with their stories or that their facts do not contradict each other. "Those cunts will never notice. We can say what we want so sue us you can't take a joke!" 

Interesting comments of many very interesting ones:

  • WentToTheSpot!  3 days ago  parent

    Ana Bastow: We went to the site!!!
    We live about an hour away, and over the weekend decided to check it out. Took a while to get down the street, but we did it.
    We stood where the "paps" where, and I do have to say that there is NO WAY they couldn't see them. It's a street! There are shrubs all along one side of the road (Where Kristen's car is.), and on the other side is a house. The side with the house is the side where the railing is, and past the railing are a few more shrubs, and another house.
    A little ways up past more houses is another railing where you can see in the far distance the Hollywood Sign. It's far though.
    The area where the PAPS where the road splits in two, and there is open space (Grass.) in the middle. Nowhere to really hide!

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    Irish Girl  5 days ago  parent

    Ana Bastow: The thing that niggles at me is that she had 

    to have known that pappos were probably around -- 

    because they ALWAYS are with her. She's been so 

    media savvy --both she and RP have. Kept everyone 

    guessing about their relationship, kept their private lives 

    completely under wraps. Then when the scandal broke, 

    they both managed to disappear like so much smoke, and 

    NO ONE got a single snap of them during that time. It 

    was only when they wanted to be photographed that new 

    images emerged.

    My point is, she's no fool when it comes to being aware 

    of media and photographers (nor is RP, for that matter). 

    So I have a hard time believing she simply lost her head 

    and 'forgot' about the likelihood of pappos being around 

    when she and Rupert met up.

    What I'm confused about is why she let the episode continue, knowing she was being photographed. Maybe she just didn't give a rip. Maybe she set it up herself. Maybe she thought she could smooth things over and keep them from becoming public. Or--and this is an uncomfortable speculation -- maybe she simply had no choice.
    I can think of a bunch of arguments against the first two, The second two seem more plausible to me. But then, there may be other reasons and possibilities none of us has yet thought of.
    I'll say it again; I don't necessarily agree with Jenni's entire theory on this event, but something about it is off. Way off.

Hey Robsten Cuteness :)  5 days ago  parent

I am just curious...
someone told me the pictures of the event were all mixed up when sent out to make it look worse than what it was.
I was told this is the order the photos were taken: http://p.twimg.com/Ayx8_U3CAAA...
When looking at them in this order I can see how it is staged.
That he called her to meet up, he walked, waited by the fence, made a move on her from behind, she pushed him a way/pulled away, went back to her car, he asked for a ride back, he went in for a smooch (if you look at that bottom photo of him going in for a kiss he has his eye open LOOKING at the camera) she is pushed against the door of the car, when she saw the camera she threw a hat that she had with her on, and drove off in a hurry. ???????
I have seen Kristen's face when she is loved/in love/wanting, but the look on her face in these pics look of confusion, and ext. Not of someone loving/liking what is happening.

Aitch Slavic  2 days ago  parent

Irish Girl : Absolutely. The story the photogs. gave to US which they published, is NOT evidenced in the photos.
Photogs said They were making out by fence post and would break apart and walk in different directions when someone walked by. Where are those photos? Would they not be pertinent to publish?
Also, photogs said Kristen dropped off Rupert near his home and they kissed more before he leaves her car.
Why did they not capture this and only have Rupert walking away solo???

  • Denise  3 days ago
    she is simply driving hollywood crazy with the PR stunt and this is one way she is giving them the middle finger (since they can act,why not act for the paparazzi and fans?^_^)

  • Aitch Slavic  5 days ago  parent

    Irish Girl : The photos DO NOT show the whole story, and they don't constitute several hours of a tryst, Does not add up!

    abbeysbooks  10 hours ago  parent

    nena: I don't think it was planned PR. But when it happened she probably turned it into that. I hope Rob is with her on this.

    abbeysbooks  2 days ago  parent

    She did what Eric Packer does in DeLillo's Cosmopolis. Rand did it too to Nathaniel Branden Institute. Just crash the whole thing. robsten that is.

    jennt  5 days ago  parent

    nena: Yes, US did publish the first pics and the stories. Pop Sugar got the exclusives on her post-scandal pictures. The paps story that US published doesn't add up. "Cyber sleuths" have found that the pictures at the guardrail are on a residential street (Pacific View Drive) not a trail overlooking Hollywood and it is not secluded at all. If you google earth it you can see there are very few places for a pap to hide, let alone one that followed you up a twisty, winding road (remember, by this time, according to the story, the original pap had called for and gotten four back-up photographers.
    The magazine claims as they arrived at the overlook, after Rupert directs her where to park:

    “ By then it was 5:15 PM and the two stayed in the car...when it seemed quiet in the park, the two dared to leave the car to take in the view. Leaning against the guard rail, he embraced her from behind ...‘A few people would walk by, and as soon as they heard a voice, they would split up and walk in other directions.’ When a group of people with a dog came along, the two RETREATED TO HER CAR TO KISS FOR ANOTHER 20 MINUTES before leaving’’. If the pap is hiding and using a telephoto lens, how did he know the two would "hear" a voice and split up (should be too far away). Also, her car is parked up against an embankment - how could he get in the passenger door? THEN she drives him home, lets him out, and there's a final kiss, but there is absolutely no picture of that.
    How'd Rupe get there? Paps say Kristen waited for him for 15 minutes and then he gets in the car; however, there are no pictures of this at all.
    Paps claim rupe was kissing her all over her body, but there are no pictures of that.
    Paps claim that they drove all over LA looking for places to make out, but pics are only from two places - the guardrail and the parking lot. This is proved because in every parking lot picture you can see the same building reflection in it. There's more - don't want to bore anyone who's not interested so let me know if you have other questions. Not trying to sound like an insider or anything, it's just an odd mystery to me.

    • Avatar

      s  5 days ago  parent

      jennt: Oh this isn't boring at all, it's very interesting! Keep it coming. I'm trying understand and get all this info. This scandal is intriguing, and I'm trying to figure out what is going on. And I cannot keep up with all of the theories, reasons, facts and new insights to this drama. One thing for sure, something ain't right.And it isn't what it appears to be.

      ljs  6 days ago

      KS didn't break RP trust. He's in on it. They all are. It'll all come out at some point and they know their real fans will support their brave tactics, hollywood will know they are not to be messed with, critics will be impressed they actually had the balls and the media will be played the fools that (some outlets) have a tendancy to be. It's also probably a lesson to all in quit getting so invested in the lives of people you have no business in and get out there and play the leading part in your own lifes script. No - I'm not so sure they planned on the backlash that KS created. Pretty extreme and fascinating to watch. Can't wait to see what the next move is. Well played all. Well played.

      lizzy  16 hours ago  parent

      nena: Their storytelling is part of the stunt, and the stunt is orchestrated by Kristen Stewart et al - no authentic sleaze, just a game being played out in gossip columns to achieve certain desired results, whatever they are...

      Let's pretend you're famous and you're out one night with friends, hubby is somewhere else, all is well in your life. But you're wearing these gorgeous new shoes, and you trip holding a cocktail....and a random guy catches you. Next day headlines scream "Nena's drunk, caught out with mystery man" and that you're drinking because marriage is in trouble....blah blah blah. Then it can grow from there. Is it true? Doesn't Kristen and crew know very very well how this whole gossip crap works and know how to play it to create whatever illusions they are trying to create? It's all B.S. And the public eats it up. Not a word is said from any of the key players - they can just step out with a ring or without it like Rupert and Liberty and the stories just roll along (with a little help from "sources").
      That's my rambling for tonight!

      Irish Girl  6 days ago  parent

      Here's the interesting thing to ponder, and it's the detail that raised a big red flag to me, saying "something's not right". Look at the photos of them at the outdoor area again. And look very closely at HOW her Mini is parked. It's facing forward, with the headlamps towards the cameras.
      If the pappos had been FOLLOWING her, there's no way they would have gotten a photo from that angle. The only way to do that is to be waiting in a specific spot, knowing you'll get a clear shot at your target.

    • someone  6 days ago
      I find it convenient that Us weekly was tipped off about the cheating, and on the very first day of assignment, the pap caught KS & RS. But the following days that the pap was following her, never caught her again with RS, which strongly points to the idea that it was a one time thing. Also, for Us weekly to assign a pap on her ass, the tipster should be someone very reliable, in the know, which points to the wife LR, since she's showing very odd behavior for a scorned woman. If this was a PR stunt, then it would make sense for the wife to be the one to tip the tabloid magazine, because it would be more believable.
      Here's my latest interpretation on That Afternoon. 
      And it changes all the time!

      Rupert and Liberty have talked about divorce? Liberty wants name recognition. Having been a high fashion model she knows all about this. Liberty thinks he is infatuated with Kristen (she lobbied for Kristen to get the part you know) and maybe thinks Kristen is also? She knows - suspects? - he is going to meet Kristen or maybe he tells her? SHE alerts the paps and when she gets the news, tweets "wow" and "Good things fall apart so better things can come together." 

      Here's  the Snow White pic attributed to her but it is in doubt. Credible that she did it? Hell yes! A great image for her to have tweeted. Then she waits for the fallout.    

      Did Rupert want to disrupt robsten? Maybe Kristen did too? Maybe she met him to talk biz stuff and then he made moves? He's a sexy, good looking, smart, accomplished man. I can see why she would be attracted. 

      From the comments of someone who went there to spec the place out, it is a residential street. Not a secluded park as US Weekly would have us believe. No place to hide. Did Rupert say, "See there are no papz around, we can see all around us. So Kristen is not worried. She can see no one is there. And it is very close to where Sanders lives. 

      Does Liberty look upset to you?
      Does Sanders? 

      What if Sanders placed a hidden camera in the location or what if Liberty did and then he walked to where he knew it would be. Maybe there were no papz? Maybe a go-between  sold the pics?

      Does she gets caught? Do her people probably try to buy them so she has a couple of days? Maybe she tells Rob right away? Maybe she doesn't?  When it hits she sees lots of possibilities in it and goes with the flow.

      Now she is seen as a seductress. That's good. Robsten disappears. That's good. So if Rob knows, and expects this storm that is coming, he can see the advantages. Cosmopolis, additional offers, etc if he plays it just right. 

      So it's an unexpected nuisance, but it has its good points for sure. 

      Did Rupert know? Maybe, maybe not. I am thinking he did because the pics are just off as far as he is concerned. He looks directly into the camera in a few.  Maybe he just wanted it both ways? Her and a divorce. ???? Name recognition? All of the above, some of the above? 

      But both Kristen and Rob could see how to make lemonade from it. I can see her going home and telling him what happened and then planning a strategy? No need of a planned strategy from beginning to end.

      If readers have any additional ideas please post them in the comments. I'll probably have changed my speculations by later today.

      !The Rashomon Effect!

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