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Sunday, August 5, 2012

THAT AFTERNOON! - A Deconstruction Reading

Everyone has seen the pictures from That Afternoon so no sense reposting them.

Here's my reading of how it went down:

Rupert Sanders called her on the phone while she was in her car going home saying he had something important to talk with her about right now. She turned around and went to pick him up where he told her he would be. It is an empty parking lot. He gets in the car and tells her how he feels and she is probably astonished, listening to this. Then he grabs her and kisses her, her back to the driver's window. 

This is only if the paps story is correct about how fast it happened. That may or may not be true. It could have happened slower.

Kristen is now in a double bind situation. They are good friends, she thought, so being angry, furious, insulted, indifferent, are not really options. They are under contract to do another movie together. What do you do? You suggest they go somewhere private, neutral, outdoors where there aren't many people (but some, for that is important) to talk this over, to get him to calm down. So she drives to a park.

They get out of the car, she walks to the wall and looks out over it to hide her face, her back to him. I - and this is me - would expect him to stand beside me so we could talk. But no, he comes up behind her and presses against her holding his arms and hands on either side of her. Perhaps she started out facing him but decided to turn. I don't know. And if I don't know, no one knows, unless they watched it all and since no one ever sees the same thing in a scene in real life, a movie scene, a picture, or a description, who can EVER know. She lays her hands over his to calm him, the way you do with a horse, a dog, a cat, a child, a person.

He probably begins telling her the same thing over again and she is at a loss. At some point she realizes they have been papped,

and now begins her anxiety and fear and trembling

She probably knows there is a possibility that the pictures can be bought.

Now here is my reading on the aftermath. 

Why wouldn't she just call Rob or go home and say this awful thing just happened! And then tell him. Then, "What shall I do? What shall I do?"

Now if she didn't do this the only explanation I can imagine or come up with is:

She did not trust Rob to trust her on this. 

And why would that be?

My guess, and that's all it is, just a guess, is that he has acted jealous about this man, has sensed he was after Kristen, and has been acting jealous and hostile over them, particularly since they are going to work together on Part 2 of SWATH.

So she is afraid to tell him. What do children do when they are afraid to tell you something? Afraid you won't understand? Afraid you will punish them? And why are they afraid in the first place?

As a parent it is ALWAYS your fault. They are afraid to trust you.

This is what Simulated Reality is folks. This is exactly why Baudrillard spent so much time writing about it. Looking at it from all different possibilities, all facets of it. Why Jean Baudrillard said "It is the greatest danger we face right now!"

When it is total then we will be in Virtual Reality! No escape possible.

Right now no one knows what happened. The tabloids are saying whatever they feel like saying that they think is CREDIBLE to their readers. Once it is out there, it is credible. There is no truth, no false, only credibility.

What if someone had seen them? What if that person had then told what s/he had seen. That would only have been a CREDIBLE description of what they had seen. 

The credibility completely depends upon the integrity of the person giving, offering the information. If I don't know this person very well, then they will have no credibility, positive or negative for me. Sometimes the papz tell the truth, sometimes they lie. They have no credibility for me. I can go through what they say and pick or choose according to my own projections, but that is no different from going to a jumble sale.

What is TRUE is that I can't know. 

When all is lies, the truth becomes a weapon - Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.

No one can know what happened and the two people involved can only know part of it. You know how when you are arguing with a loved one or friend about something that just happened and both of you see it differently and start arguing about it.

So all you judges out there, all you casters of the first stone, each of you has a reading of this situation. Just as each of you would have a different reading of a
Rorschach Test!

This is what it is going to be like when more and more of our world becomes Simulated Reality which most everyone is running to embrace. 
When it is total and we are in Virtual Reality there will be no escape, no one will know anything - ever.

Seduction is the only defense. And seduction cannot be produced which is why - since it cannot be produced - it is our key, our only key.

Now recognize this awful danger coming at us. Our lives will be exactly like what just happened to Rob and Kristen. It will be like that all the time. No one will ever know anything for sure. No one will ever be able to trust anyone for sure.

Hunger Games, here we come!

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