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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kristen and Rob at Comic Con July 12, 2012

Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson Comic Con July 12, 2012
Please just look at this image quietly. What do you see?

Adolescent Sulking? 

Rob is shut down; depressed/repressed anger; face of stone. 
This is 13 days before That Afternoon.

Does he feel what's coming? Maybe. Maybe not.

But he does want the world to know exactly how he is feeling. Cool, unloving, indifferent.  This is the way teens are. They want you to know how they are feeling by their sulking. They do not want to tell you in words. They want you to feel bad. Feel guilty because they feel bad.
Everyone has been through that, haven't they? But in such a public way?  He wants everyone to know he is angry at her. 

What has she done or said?

This day he is not very nice to her. In public. In front of the cameras and audience. 
It is important for him to make her feel uncomfortable. Kristen is professional, leaning into him, her hand on his shoulder, her face composed,  strained, stressed. 

Rob is intent on withdrawing his love from her not only in public but at a public Event. In front of an audience. In front of cameras and camera phones. In front of the world. The intent is to humiliate her so all can see her humiliation.

You can see it is difficult for her. He has made her feel uncomfortable. He has made her reveal it. He dominates in this image.  But she refuses to be humiliated on this day.

All the joy of being together on the 4 year anniversary of Comic con, the beginning of the ride, 

Kristen Stewart has 3 older brothers. she knows all about this behavior.

This behavior is why guys don't like Rob.

An email to me observing Rob at Comic con

 And, yes, god, that 'off the record' part in the interview.

"You are so much more eloquent in your interviews." ,expecting the careful threading around the ego, oh, no, Rob, you're wrong or something. Or shhhhh from the Eclipse commentary. Or tap on the head like with Cronenberg. Good boy.

Kristen says You used to be, bam, virtual slap in the face. You're not what you used to be.
My priorities changed....meaning YOU are what changed my priorities and YOU made me less eloquent. 

Then, almost slap, I just wanna someone to push you off the chair...and then, he doesn't really mean that, in case anyone's wondering. Of course everyone's wondering, but they do not see it as asshole behavior, just goofy Rob or whatever. Cause Rob can do no wrong.Except that he just did, behaved like an idiot on camera for the millionth time and she needs to shrug it off. Rob's not thinking, not giving a shit about anyone but himself. 

Selfish, jealous, insecure....and malicious move.

Here, and this is the Liberty Valance moment as kd plays it perfectly. all mimesis, given away: "All I've ever learned from love," she confesses, is "how to shoot somebody who outdrew ya."  

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