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Friday, January 11, 2013

Summit Gives the Counter-Gift to Rob and Kristen

Twilight First Kiss

VF Shoot for Twilight Promotion

Summit Entertainment was at the edge of the financial abyss when they cast and shot Twilight. Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson gave the GIFT of LIFE to Summit Entertainment.

Old Chinese Proverb
Beware before you save a life.

And of course Nietzsche's  detailed genealogy of God breathing the Gift of Life into man in his Genealogy of Morals.

Because when you give the GIFT of LIFE the recipient incurs a DEBT that can never be repaid. Never.
And this DEBT weighs heavy. It can never be repaid.

The GIFT must be answered then with the 
The Counter-gift need not be repaid right away, but it must be greater than the Gift. Or the receiver must suicide.

Fabricated from scratch, photoshopped images of Kristen Stewart "cheating" with Rupert Sanders
Summit Entertainment and Its Cash Cow Named Robsten
Rob Pattinson will be ruined just before his promotion of Cosmopolis as he will be seen as betrayed - a cuckhold. Kristen will be ruined as "cheating" on the HeartThrob of the world, so she will be reviled and hated. The connections between Summit and the tabloids will ensure that this infamy continues to rage right up until the promotion of Breaking Dawn 2.
The tabloids USWeekly and People who received the "SCANDAL" will get as a reward, the  exclusive first rights for Breaking Dawn 2 promotion pieces.

Robsten will be destroyed. Rob and Kristen will be forced by their contracts to appear together for this promotion, tortured by betrayal and grief, pretending to be lovers in the film.
A very unhappy, sad ending which will increase the box office receipts another hundred million. 

 All in all an excellent COUNTER-GIFT-
LA Premiere of Breaking Dawn II
Kristen in her "OBSCENE" FUCK YOU "Dress"
And Rob in his
Crinkly Green Gucci Money Machine Suit
Both of them are exposing Summit's exploitation of their love and sexual relationship for hundreds of millions of

Consider Pearl harbor. This was the Gift. The Atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima were the Counter-Gift. One began the war and the CG ended the war. Symmetrical. They were not returned right away and they were much greater than the Gift. Surprise  in both. We have heard over and over that we did it to end the war sooner and save American lives. And that was true in the Order of Production. But the Symbolic Order must be obeyed.

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