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Monday, March 11, 2013

THE SCANDAL: Follow the Money Trail! It's Hot!Liberty Ross WINS Bigger Than BIg

HALO Combat Evolved 2002 -
Campaign by Rupert Sanders for Bungie

2. "This is the most important launch game for any console, ever."
3. "Microsoft created the Xbox so we could have games like HALO."
4. "...HALO's single-player game is worth picking up an Xbox for alone."

About Bungie:

"Bungie was founded in 1991 with two goals: to develop games that combine brilliant technology, beautiful art, intelligent stories and deep gameplay, and then sell enough of those games to achieve our real goal of  total world domination."
(From Xbox manual for HALO Combat Evolved 2002) This was a Single Person Shooter Evolved to control the market. It was not expected to be a fantastic success but it was.


HALO 1: $40 Billion sales worldwide
HALO 2: $60 Billion sales world wide
HALO 3: $120 Billion sales world wide
HALO 5: Just came out.

Rupert Sanders made about 1 million per year for 1,2,3. HALO 4 about 5 Million
screenshot HALO 5


Now here's the kicker folks! 

After 10 years of selling, his contract kicks in for Centennial benefits of percentage of sales from HALO 1 on up. So we are talking about 1 to 2 Billion dollars. The 10 years were up in 2012. And what happened to Rupert in July of 2012? SCANDAL

Rupert Sanders was already married to Liberty Ross BEFORE he worked on Bungie's HALO. California is a Community Property State. 50% of assets go to each party. When they married Rupert didn't have anything much and Liberty had a lot. Liberty had a pre- nup but probably Rupert did not as he did not have anything. 

But does he ever NOW!
Without the scandal Liberty Ross would get 50%. A very nice piece of change. With the Scandal she got even more. You can bet your farm on that.

Who wanted to move to California, a community property state, but which still abides by pre-nups? Who had everything to gain and nothing to lose?
Who had everything to gain by that SCANDAL and nothing to lose? 
Who had a fortune to lose?
Follow the money every time!

Who is a superlative Gamer, who was not upset by the Scandal, who seemed to revel in it, who tweeted it?

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