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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Zuza - DE-SHAMED:Kristen Stewart a Post Modern Philosopher in Action - How The FUCK Does She Keep Doing It???

Zuza’s New Book!

“No fear or shame in the dignity of yr experience, language & knowledge.”  - Jack Kerouac
"I'm deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I've

caused to those close to me and everyone this has

affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized

the most important thing in my life, the person I love and

respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I'm so

sorry," Stewart said in a statement Wednesday. 
 Kristen Stewart
Dr. Zuzanna Szatanik (Professor of Gender Studies and Literature)

.....We discussed, for example, how real thinkers and progressives have been targeted both in the United States and in Europe for being creative in terms of the activist tactics.  In this respect, Zuza’s and mine work very much intersect because not only does our work attempt to uncover hidden ideological power (class-struggle, racism, sexism, lookism etc.) but how that power is used to reproduce oppressive conditions for other marginalized and oppressed voices.  What is perhaps even more disturbing is how pretend progressives (people who identify themselves as victims of social and political oppression) will use strategies to shame other oppressed groups in the name of self-righteous “justice”.  Often groups who deploy these heavy-handed strategies of “shame” are themselves members of highly privileged and powerful groups even though they perceive themselves as victims. 

What is brilliant about Zuza’s book, De-shamed. Feminist strategies of transgression. The case of Lorna Crozier´s poetry, is that it demonstrates a very clear and compelling argument for how shame can be traversed precisely by giving voice to women.  By allowing (or risking) women to voice their shame they are able to trans-gress the power that shame has had over them.  As a consequence of voicing shame–women can be liberated from the power that shame has had over them both psychologically and socially (symbolically).  What I especially like about the basic matrix of this book is that this same “de-shaming” strategy can be used to liberate other perceived acts of shame; indeed Zuza is brilliant in identifying the logic of shaming itself.   MORE

Objet petit a

The Unobtainable Object of Desire

Often when a person in power exacts 

their power onto a target (a group or 

person) they will use tactics of shame 

in order to silence the victim.  That is, 

they will “frame” the targeted victim in 

terms of “shaming” so that the target 

(the one who is a victim of sexual 

abuse or of a false accusation etc.) 

will be too ashamed to speak the truth– 

to trans-gress the oppressor by 

exposing the oppressor as the true 

culprit of injustice.  By discovering the 

power of “de-shaming” we are able to 

expose the oppressor for what they 

truly are. But not only are you able to 

expose the oppressor you are at the 

same time liberated from their 

oppressive scheme of “shaming” you.

 In this way the one 

who feels shame is able to reverse the 

table by exposing the truth, even if the 

telling of that truth is perceived as 


Are you beginning to understand the 

extraordinary intuitive genius of 

Kristen Stewart, 

this young woman, this actress, whose 

fan you are?

Step back: the pattern in the tapestry
won’t tell itself till more of it is made.
Although it’s eighty-seven in the shade,
we have to work this hard making the hist-
ory we need till, trusting it, we’re free
to kiss each other better than when we
imagined kissing when we hadn’t kissed.

Yes she said I am a kiss you will never know
Now do you imagine what it might have been like to kiss him for a long long time because you didn't dare to find out
Or do you find out and let go of it?
Would you rather your lover wondered in their imagination? For a long long time?

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