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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Are Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders Scary SMART AND KINKY?

Dollywood - Liberty Ross Film

Fashion Fetish


A Haunting and beautiful short film by Liberty Ross that makes the Cronenberg look Victorian stupid, so erotic it is. Am I the only one that can see why she chose Kristen Stewart for Snow White? What were her plans?


 It turns out that the slightly disturbing pictures didn't require a touch of Photoshop on Sanders' face. As on "Believe," the director once again teamed with photographer Chris Soos and Stan Winston Studios to capture things in camera--the subjects in the photos are wearing a Rupert Sanders mask, created for this shoot from a scan of the director's head originally made during preproduction on theHalo 3 diorama figurines. (You can see what Sanders looks like for real in this year's Directors Roundtable)Link to get Sanders interview answers:

C: What are you all inspired by these days?

Rupert: It would have to be Joan Rivers' face on the plane last night. Staggering. It's quite a feat of science.
This guy is intelligent, charming and seductive.
Scary Smart Eh?

Although Sanders shied away from talking about what the pictures actually mean, the process of creating them revealed he has perfectionist tendencies, perhaps one reason his film is consistently brilliant. Beyond that, we'll have to let Sanders' work, and these images, speak for themselves.

Elegant Soft Porn With a Touch of Surrealism

High Fashion Model?

Dom/Sub a la 50 Shades Inverted

Upscale Soft Porn
Liberty Ross during her modeling years… I consider her in the “millenium era” of models being that the late 90’s-early 00’s where she was more active (especially for Dior) despite doing some work here and there in recent times.

Following Nietzsche: if you are a superb professional and want to disappear in a photographic presentation, 

what would you do?

Rupert: I think you make a film when you're ready and it's right for you. Obviously a lot of people with reels that have cinematic potential are getting calls, but they're usually the slightly more frightening [movies]. To me, commercials are a stepping stone. A friend of mine was a talented commercial director and he died. It made me think that I didn't want to leave a legacy of commercial showreels. Maybe it's a little arrogant to want to leave something behind, but if I got hit by a truck tomorrow I want to leave something that was mine 

and had heart.

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