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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Aphorism - Fragment - Discontinuous - Perfect Moments - Say Good-bye to Continuity and Becoming

Rob Pattinson said this in an interview on Nightline when he was asked about his romance, reported romance, relationship, whatever,  with his co-star.
To my knowledge he only said it that once, or it was only that once that it was recorded. If he repeated it it could be said that it was a maxim, or maybe even a sound-bite. 

But just once? How about an aphorism? Or a fragment?

The aphorism, the video-clip and the advert seem to share an instantaneity, rapidity and ephemerality, but the aphorism is different. Etymologically, aphorizein contains the idea of separating, isolating. It's a fragment, but a fragment that creates a whole symbolic space around it, a gap, a blank. Whereas our techniques and technologies create the instantaneous ut linked by continuity with the whole network. They are networked fragments, if I can put it that way! It's no longer possible today to establish some form of continuity, wholeness or totalization, because it will be immediately  obliterated by the system itself. You have to set against it something that apparently plays by the same rules, but stands opposed to it formally. It's in the form, then - not abstractly but in a very real way. The form alone attacks the system in its very logic. Our imaginary is evolutionistic, finalistic; everything is taken for a phase or a moment in a process of becoming. If each phase or moment is taken as successive, linked, continuous, always straining towards an ideal end goal, then all phases are subordinated to the final phase.

Still with me?

A teleological process...
A well-directed, neatly programmed evolutionism! We have to break all that down by saying that at each moment each phase is perfect in its incomparable singularity, the fruit is perfect, but no more perfect than the flower.
...You reject the whole work of the negative.
The flower is perfect. It isn't necessary to refer it to any dialectics of nature! It's the same with everything. In its detail, the world is perfect.

 Baudrillard - Fragments (p. 26)

There's more of course, so read him.

Rob Pattinson as Edward Cullen walking into the cafeteria is perfect. Edward Cullen in New Moon and Eclipse is perfect. So is Kristen Stewart in all three films. Rob is no longer a boy now but a man and Kristen has become a woman. The girl and the boy were perfect. The woman and the man are perfect. 

I think Rob Pattinson as Edward and as himself is perfect and he is the embodiment of what Baudrillard is speaking about in this interview. And the recognition of this the fans have, has a great deal to do with Rob worship. He has been willing to be himself, in all his different moods, insecurities, clumsiness, ecstatic, gorgeous, sexy, unshaven, dirty,  furious, depressive moments. And each moment has been perfect, hasn't it. Not a question.

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