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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rob Pattinson: Breaking Dawn Paris Promotion - Houellebecq

New Image of Rob - Man - Playa
Stroke of genius his new look
Forces the interviewers to relate to him as a man, a playa, a serious contender in the world of celebrity
With this look it is impossible for them to treat him like a beautiful silly adorable boy
who plays a vampire
Xavier in Paris asks some serious questions, not silly American ones about his gf

Xavier: Last question; is it true that you like Michel Houellebecq?
Rob: Yeah, definitely. I was supposed to meet up with him the last time I was in Paris and then I couldn’t do it but yeah, he’s one of my favorite writers.

Xavier is a real interviewer. This is how you do it. (entire interview)

He knew very well that Rob has read Houellebecq because he does his homework.(My post here) The question is a "floating sign" to Rob that he is intelligent, asks interesting questions, and is hip - probably ensuring Rob will favor him in the future. The question is also a "floating sign" that he sees Rob as an intelligent well-read man, not a silly Hollywood movie star, whose fangirls want to "jump his bones".  And it is the very LAST question so it screams out. Perfect placing in time. And clearly Xavier likes Houellebecq or he wouldn't have highlighted him. Nor linked him to Rob. With Paris adoring Rob, and Rob regarding Houellebecq as "one of my favorite writers", Xavier has used Rob's affection for Houellebecq to punch a hole into the media's Dominating Discourse about Houellebecq. This is how it is done folks. Or at least 1 way.

You can bet the farm that his Parisian fangirls will be at the bookstores tomorrow getting Houellebecq and watching The Prophet on DVD, since he mentioned Jacques Audiard. Meanwhile back at the ranch his American fangirls are drooling over his new look, his mouth, his hair, his clothes, his sexiness, etc etc etc. Now do you suppose Rob would prefer a European or an American fangirl?

The MDD about Houellebecq is hatred. BHL and Houllebecq are considered Public Enemies so BHL suggested they write a book of letters to each other. They don't know each other as acquaintances or as friends. Houellebecq is everything BHL is not. The one thing they share is the hatred they inspire. 

This quote translated by curioushairedgal indicates why many would hate him for writing this:

 "But I have come to think that religions are primarily attempts at explaining the world; and none of the attempts to explain the world can hold water if it hurts our need for rational certitude. Mathematical proof, experimental procedure are the definitive acquisitions of human consciousness. I am well aware that it appears the facts contradict me, I am well aware that Islam - by far the most silly, the most fake and the most obscurantist of all religions -- seems to be on the increase; but it is just a superficial and transitory phenomenon; in the long run, Islam is condemned even more so than Christianity."(Atomised)

And in the same book he writes this:

“In the midst of the vast, barbarous world of nature, human beings have sometimes (rarely) been able to create little warm places irradiated by love.  Little enclosed spaces, private spaces, where intersubjectivity and love reigned.”  Les Particules elementaires (“Atomised”)

The Art of Struggle  and other reviews of Houellebecq in The Truth About Lies blog at blogspot

The Art of Struggle … investigates issues of alienation, individualism and disillusionment
"Given the characteristics of the modern era, love can scarcely manifest itself anymore. Yet the ideal of love has not diminished. Being, like all ideals, fundamentally atemporal, it can neither diminish nor disappear."

If you knew the GAN Tower
Then you’d know my life

(from untitled poem on p.47)
There’s even a photo of La Tour First (First Tower) as it’s called these days at the start of the book. It’s in an area of Paris known as La Défense which Houellebecq would know well because he worked there as a computer programmer before making his living as a writer. It crops up in two other poems:
I came across an old prole
Looking for the son he’d lost
In GAN Tower, the graveyard
Of disheartened revolutionaries.

(from untitled poem on p.73) 
Michel Houellebecq, Rester vivant(The Art of Struggle or How To Live) (1999)  

Pieces a blog devoted to reading and also Houellebecq

You will never know exactly what part of you pushes you to write. You will only know it through approximations and contradictions. Egotism or devotion? Cruelty or compassion? All are possibilities. This is proof that, ultimately, you know nothing; so do not behave as if you knew. Before your ignorance, before this mysterious part of yourself, remain honest and humble.]
And this is how Houellebecq got me writing again.
He'd love to work with Jacques Audiard, the French director and Jack Nicholson if he could.  
All you fangirls out there who want to know what he wants to do next, did you get it that he just told you:

"who speaks of beauty as a promise of
Nietzsche in Genealogy
of Morals
Jacques Audiard's recent film was The Prophet (netflix pic and review). I saw it and it was wonderful. This is how Bardot got Godard who had no idea she wanted to work with him. Saying stuff like this got Cronenberg for him. Gus Van Zant audtioned for Breaking Dawn after he heard Rob wanted him for it. Scummit was too dumb though and Van Zant is used to being asked, not competing, so he didn't push himself flamboyantly at them the way they wanted.

Small independent filmmakers don't go after stars like Rob because they think they cost too much and they can't afford it. So he is telling them that he wants to work with them. The Prophet is a low budget very fine film. It got independent theatre distribution.

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