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Monday, July 4, 2011

For Twihards: Reading The Meadow Scene Through Walter Benjamin

Eclipse Meadow Scene Too Little Too Late and All Wrong
This is for all the Twihards who have taken so much shit over their opinions and criticisms. Let me start off by telling you that you have been correct all along. Stephenie Meyer wrote Twilight, and especially the Meadow Scene, as a novel about seduction. Not sex, not PC feminism, but the seduction of Courtly Love from the 12th century. What you imagined it from the novel was not what you got in the film by Catherine Blabbermouth Hardwicke. You got the PC feminist version not the secret heart of the story by Meyer.

Now imagine if Twilight, or even just the Meadow Scene had been shot by an artist director like Terrence Malick. Forget the fact that he wouldn't have done it with all the baggage accompanying it. It would have looked, sounded and felt like The Tree of Life, all long slow shots allowing contemplation and associations to develop in your mind.( Click on the link to get the flavor if you haven't seen it and then go to my other blog focusfree for more if you so desire.) I haven't finished with Tree of Life but I'll say here that it is a film experience not to be missed in a lifetime. It is that wonderful. Now what I am going to say is from Walter Benjamin's 1936 essay The Work of Art In The Age Of Mechanical Reproduction. Read it as if your life depended on it as it does.

In 1936 he foresaw the fate of film in our time. This fate is exactly why Twilight was fucked up good by the Scummit film merchants and the PC feminists. Twihards have been right from the beginning as they are the only ones who really knew how it should be. But alas they were fighting the wall of what Foucault calls the Dominating Discourse both of film theory and criticism and the PC feminist domination and censorship of all things girly and feminine.

more to come...

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