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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stephenie Meyer Dreamtime: Dreaming Edward Cullen Into Existence and Robert Pattinson

In discussing the feminine and outraging PC feminists Jean Baudrillard says that the femme fatale was hallucinated into existence from male hysteria. But now there are no men for her. Madonna keeps changing herself in the hopes of finding one but there is no one there. Perhaps the situation can be saved by female hysteria inventing a male counterpart of the femme fatale?
 Possible Solution - hystericization of the masculine by women as quid pro quo of masculine
hysteria of the feminine, (
Baudrillard - Screened Out p 53)

This is what Stephenie Meyer did by creating the character of Edward Cullen played by Rob Pattinson
It would seem that Stephenie Meyer has responded to the challenge by dreaming Edward Cullen, a vampire who falls in love with a human girl. Upon waking from this dream Meyer began writing instead of getting her kids off to school with breakfast and their packed lunches.

Against the 'objective' analysis of an 'objective' state of affairs (the stupidity of sociology!) it must be seen that we think and speak well only of what we have not experienced - that is to say, of what  we have not exhausted the imagining of by lived experience - just as one truly loves a woman only if one has not exhausted one's imagining of her in physical pleasure. (Baudrillard Fragments 145)

Stephenie has said  - on Oprah? - that she never knew an Edward. Ah, that truly is a loss for her but a gift to the world's women. For in imagining Edward Cullen, she has brought Robert Pattinson into existence. Yes, I know, he says he is not like Edward at all, but he contradicts himself all the time by the way he behaves with Kristen. He is loving, affectionate, considerate, protective, sensitive, honorable, all those things modern men have no idea how to be because the originals are gone in their lives. 

The subject/object cannot be separated. In experimental research the experiment must be designed as a double-blind experiment. As the experimenter, or even the lab assistant giving the dose, pill, treatment situation, the assistant cannot be allowed to know whether it is the real one or the placebo, nor can the recipient know either. When one or the other or both know, the results are contaminated. Almost all behavioral research before the 1960's is contaminated. A mathematical correction has been applied to the previous data, but the raw data is gone now, so we are stuck with what we have in all its contamination.

At the micro-particle level it is the same. A particle cannot be observed without being affected. Can anyone expect that Robert Pattinson was completely separate and unaffected by the character of Edward Cullen? Or Edward Cullen unaffected by Robert Pattinson? Who is the subject? Who is the object? I have no idea.

Toby McGuire
I only know that now there is a new type of masculine seduction out there. And I have noticed that male actors are imitating certain of Rob Pattinson's habitual gestures. Like biting his lower lip. You will see the abandoned bridegroom in The Adjustment Bureau doing this as he stands against the wall - doorway - smoldering. And Toby McGuire in his new Prada ad seems to be creating a new look for himself. Smoldering.

"Psychoanalysis overturned. Instead of the dream being the fulfillment of desires unsatisfied in real life, real life would be the site where desires born of dreams were fulfilled. Instead of being the dumping ground of the unconscious, dreams would be the matrices of real events - thus becoming like the 'dream' of the Aborigines, for whom a child has to be dreamt before he can be begotten, 'real' paternity being merely the fulfillment of the dream." (Cool Memories IV 105)

Bella dreams her child into existence, does she not? (Breaking Dawn)

Herzog's film Where the Green Ants Dream follows a group of Aborigines in Australia following the Songlines of the Green Ants. They believe that the world was dreamt into existence. The mountains, the hills, the valleys, Rocks, rivers,and they make pilgrimages to these places dreamt into existence. They know where to go because the Songlines are an orally remembered song map of where these places are. The Whites have built over many of them, or there is a store where they sit in the corner and hum because that's where the Green Ants are. These pilgrimages last months and they walk all the way with their babies and children teaching them the songs and places. The first toys of the babies are leaves, pieces of grass, flowers, and so they learn to love the earth this way.

Bruce Chatwin's Songlines is Chatwin's walking tour of Australia. He used to be a very successful antiquities specialist for Sothebys. He bagan going blind and his doctor advised him to quit and go traveling. As Chatwin walked across the tarmac to his plane, his vision returned. His books are a marvel to read.

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