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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Letting the Other Think You - Following Baudrillard

From Rose at pattinsonintoxication-link here

Rob said this on a Nightline interview a long time ago.
"I don't really want to try to sell it either.
Maybe if i was selling it, I'd talk about it more."

Of course almost everyone else is trying to pimp it, eh?

He has also said, when asked how he would play Edward in Breaking Dawn, that he would follow Kristen.

Blindly, that is the only elegant way to love. What reproach could there be for someone who discreetly and totally devotes himself to another; what reproach could there be for someone who is the object of such devotion? Blind destination: that is the direction dreams go, in ideas and love. (Baudrillard - Cool Memories 1980-85 p. 105)

So far as existence is concerned, as Ajar (Romain Gary's alter ego) would say, it needs to be taken in charge by someone. No one can be expected to bear the responsibility for their own life. This Christian and modern idea is a vain and arrogant proposition.  Moreover, it is a groundless utopian notion....It is so much more human to put one's fate, one's desire, one's will into the hands of another. Circulation of responsibilities, declension of wills, perpetual transfer of forms. Apart from this subtle path, which is attested to by a great many cultures, there is only the totalitarian path of a collective assumption. (Baudrillard - Cool Memories 1980-85 p. 119)

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