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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kristen Stewart Is Not Pretty, Not Hot, Just Beautiful

Joni Mitchell
All these other women were considered very beautiful in the 60's, their time of celebrity. Baez is still exquisite, as I saw her at Camp Casey in 2005. Yoko is also and Joni has been ill in these past few years.
Joni Mitchell
To read and listen to criticism of Kristen Stewart as Bella is annoying to me. She is playing Bella as Bella was written as much as she can with mediocre directors and a script by Rosenberg that indicates a lack of understanding of the novel and the characters. But I am guessing Scummit called the shots and they were hired help, not artists, so what can one expect.

Beauty has its fashionable time and then tastes change. None of these women would be considered beautiful today along with Kristen unless they donned masquerade signs that shouted hot. (See my blog on Judith Butler.) Men today only see the signs that say hot: make-up; hair color bright of course; designer clothes; higher than high heels, so read hyper high stilettos; cleavage and well you get the idea I am sure. Scrub it all off and they think she is plain, not worth the attention.

Let's read Shiloh's account of auditioning for Edward with Kristen:
Young Joan Baez

I tried to re-find the magazine this interview was in and it seems to have been scrubbed off google. Even the ones who quote it can't find it so here it is. I did see the original article when it came out but do not remember where. If you know please put it in the comments.  A link would be great. I have searched for hours and cannot find it.

The fact that he would ever have given this out in an interview says it all.

Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan in New Moon
Kristen Stewart as Tracy in Into the Wild youtube footage

Yoko and John
Older Joan Baez
The most beautiful hands and fingers you will ever see.

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