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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Breaking Dawn: Edward and Bella's Wedding Night NC-17


Breaking Dawn Scummit Release
Breaking Dawn Wedding Night?

I see from these pictures that Condon is going to go for the soft porn look. Actually the one officially released looks like an ad for Cialis if they were a wee bit older. All airbrushed, soft lighting, artfully posed, cliched of course. What can one expect of Scumit and their director for hire of the month.  I am already expecting the worst and I know I am gonna get it.

Stephenie Meyer wrote the wedding night as she wanted it: In your imagination! If she had wanted to be explicit she would have been. But what she did was leave a rather large white blank space. And then they woke up the next morning. Now why did she do that? Because she didn't know what to write? Because she wanted to be sure it would pass the censors for young adult fiction? I don't think any of the above. She just wanted her readers to imagine it. The movie is going to deprive you of your imagination but you have had a few years to wonder so you can decide if he did it better than you did in your mind. I doubt it though.

In interviews Stephenie has said she leaves clues in the earlier books as to what is going to come. She has left plenty of clues about what to expect on this night of nights for them. Now we are going to get the production of sex rather than seduction. But what else to expect from the film merchants.

Stephenie has been leaving clues all over the place. Bella has practically memorized Wuthering Heights and Edward has also read it. They have discussed it together. Then we read about all the feathers all over Bella and the shredded pillow that Edward has bitten. If you have read Wuthering Heights you will know exactly how it went down. Bella did almost die. Edward did almost kill her. Theirs was no soft rather chaste embrace as shown in the pics. The images are to program your mind into thinking that that's the way it was. Soft porn. And that makes it PG-13. All passionate feelings rinsed out in the warm water and we get languid sex without deep feelings between two people and that is what is supposed to be the way it's supposed to be. 

Here's Emily Bronte, that young girl with great courage writing with enormous passion. You the reader were supposed to connect the dots and if not right away perhaps some time in the future when you could say to yourself, Ah ha! There's no reason you had to get it immediately.

Tossing about, she increased her feverish bewilderment to madness, and tore the pillow with her teeth; then raising herself  up all burning, desired that I would open the window. We were in the middle of winter, the wind blew strong from the north-west, and I objected. Both the expressions flitting over her face, and the changes of her moods, began to alarm me terribly; and brought to my recollection her former illness, and the doctor's injunction that she should not be crossed.  A minute previously she was violent; now, supported on one arm, and not noticing my refusal to obey her, she seemed to find childish diversion in pulling the feathers from the rents she had just made, and .....she begins to separate the feathers, naming the birds they are, following mad Ophelia's  monologue with her bouquet of flowers in Hamlet. 

The scene reveals the emotional intensity and frenzy as the gender inversion conceals Meyer's referent to Edward. Useless as feathers float all over the room and bed as would happen when pillows are torn in the heat of passion. I can't find a good image and am not going to make one so you will have to use your imagination.

In Abel Gance's Napolean there is a dormitory pillow fight and Lindsay Anderson copied it in his movie If.... Actually I saw a special screening of Abel Gance's silent film and when the intermission came I stood up and who was sitting behind me but Lindsay Anderson! I laughed out loud and said to him, "So that's where you got your pillow fight from!" and he roared with laughter at me. In both movies the feathers are flying all over the room. I hope you get to see them someday.

But please, let's cleanse all emotional intensity from young minds and give them soft porn instead. Much better for their psychic health, don't you think? And while we are at it let's steal their imagination from them too in another homeopathic painless dose. They're too stupid to notice and it's important to program their emotional responses to suit the Order of Production/Reproduction/Cloning. We don't want our young people, especially young girls becoming too excited. It might be more difficult to control their behavior then.

Stephenie Meyer has respect for her readers. Hollywood does not. Hollywood holds them in contempt.

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